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Indo-Pacific Corals Face Bleaching Stress

Ocean temperatures in the Indo-Pacific are well above normal, and this heating is causing stress and mortality to the most diverse area of coral reefs on the planet. The "Coral Triangle," an area from the Philippines to Papua New Guinea to Indonesia includes hundreds of patch and barrier reefs. Data collected by NOAA satellites that measure ocean heating and the impact on corals shows these extremely warm ocean temperatures, sustained over many weeks, that are creating conditions that cause bleaching in coral animals, potentially leading to their mortality. As La NiƱa intensifies in the Pacific, causing Western Pacific temperatures to warm, the likelihood that this heating stress will continue is very high.

Indo-Pacific Corals Face Bleaching Stress
Referral:Coral Heat Stress Data from NOAA
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Keywords:SST, bleaching, coral, POES, Pacific, 2010.08.17
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Indo-Pacific Corals Face Bleaching Stress
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