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Just How Hot Was This Summer?

Recent analysis by NOAA's National Climatic Data Center has shown that, globally, the summer months of June-August 2010 were the 2nd warmest on record after 1998. So far, this year is also tied with 1998 as the warmest year-to-date global temperature average. Looking at August temperatures alone, 2010 was the third warmest on record. Global temperature records go back to 1880.

Shown in this imagery is the global land and ocean surface temperature anomalies for August 2010. The imagery uses red and blue colors to indicate areas that were warmer or cooler than the average temperature from 1971-2000. Several notable features are visible in this imagery. The Northeast U.S. experienced the warmest summer on record, and this signature can still be seen in the August data. The La NiƱa, which is strengthening in the Central Pacific, can be seen as a cool area extending across the basin. Persistent high pressure caused extreme heat, drought, and massive wildfires around Moscow, Russia. This area can be seen as one of the deepest red regions on the planet.

Just How Hot Was This Summer?
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Just How Hot Was This Summer?
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