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Major Tornado Outbreak Impacts Southeast U.S.

A major tornado outbreak of historic proportions impacted portions of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia on Wednesday. More than 150 reports of tornadoes were received on Wednesday, with the majority across northern Mississippi and Alabama. Widespread destruction, loss of life, and substantial injuries have been reported from numerous strong to violent long-lived tornadoes crossing areas from Jackson, Miss., to Birmingham, Ala. Tornadoes have produced severe damage in Tuscaloosa and other locations in Mississippi and Alabama..

This movie shows the rapid scan infrared imagery from the GOES-East weather satellite from April 26-28, 2011. During severe weather events, such as the past few days, NOAA places GOES into rapid scan mode, taking imagery every 5-15 minutes instead of every 30 minutes to provide forecasters the extra needed information that they need on rapidly evolving situations. An additional still image shows the storm system on April 27, 2011 at 2215z using GOES East visible imagery. The overshooting tops associated with severe storms and tornadoes can be seen over Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Due to high server demands, we have also added this animation to our YouTube channel here.

Major Tornado Outbreak Impacts Southeast U.S.
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Major Tornado Outbreak Impacts Southeast U.S.
GOES East Visible Image on April 27, 2011 at 2215z
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