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Satellite Imagery of Massive Wildfire Smoke Plumes

With nearly 400,000 acres burned, the Wallow Fire in Arizona is causing widespread evacuations as it nears the New Mexico border. Smoke and poor air quality conditions are affecting populations throughout the Southwest. This image from the GOES-East satellite was taken just before evening fell on the area on June 9, 2011 (actually June 10 at 01:15Z). The massive smoke plumes can be seen emanating from the fires in Arizona and Mexico, traveling east-northeast. Though usually displayed using and underlying layer of land cover data from the NASA MODIS satellite sensors, GOES actually acquires grey-scale imagery. The native imagery is shown here to highlight the features of the smoke plumes. Additionally, major thunderstorms can also be seen in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The NOAA Storm Prediction Center received one tornado report in Kansas at this time.

Satellite Imagery of Massive Wildfire Smoke Plumes
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