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Hurricane Irene in its Raw Form

The most recent image (August 27, 2011 at 1615z) of Hurricane Irene from the NOAA GOES-13 satellite is shown in its native format: grayscale and unprojected. The GOES satellites have been in operation since 1975, and the GOES-13 through 15 are the last of the current GOES series. The next generation GOES-R, scheduled to launch in 2015, will bring much enhanced capabilities to hurricane forecasters. Imagery will be higher resolution, more frequent, and contain more information that today’s current GOES. The increase in spectral information (like channels on a radio) will also allow for pseudo-true color imagery, as is typically shown in the enhanced images on this site.

For the most recent satellite imagery and animations, please see our real-time imagery web page.

Hurricane Irene in its Raw Form
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