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Two Weeks of Rain Swamps Eastern U.S.

From Hurricane Irene to Tropical Storm Lee, the Eastern U.S. has seen a seemingly endless stream of rainfall over the past two weeks. This image plots all rainfall from August 26 – September 9, 2011, as analyzed by the National Weather Service’s River Forecast Centers. The measurements use a combination of radar, rain gauges and satellite rainfall estimates. The largest rainfall totals, almost 3 feet so far, are seen in Northern Virginia through New York. More rainfall is expected throughout the weekend, possibly up to 7 inches. Flooding throughout the Susquehanna River and watershed has prompted the president to declare states of emergency in Pennsylvania. The Susquehanna crested today at around 39 feet. At least 5 deaths have been attributed to the flooding.

Two Weeks of Rain Swamps Eastern U.S.
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