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High Winds and Dangerous Surge to Impact Alaska

The National Weather Service is closely monitoring a low pressure system moving across the Bering Strait. Winds, rains, and sea heights are expected to rapidly increase over Tuesday and into Wednesday. Coastal flooding is expected as sea levels will rise 8-10 feet above normal as hurricane-force winds will pound the coast.

The predicted maximum sustained wind speeds from the NOAA North America Model are shown here from November 8-9, 2011. The high winds associated with the extremely low pressure are clearly visible as the system moves directly through the Bering Strait over the next 48 hours, with winds in excess of 70 mph. Also shown are the expected storm surges over the same time period from the Ocean Prediction Center's Extratropical Storm Surge Model. The cities of Nome and Unalakleet along the Norton Sound are expected to receive heavy surge, as indicated by the red colors.

High Winds and Dangerous Surge to Impact Alaska
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High Winds and Dangerous Surge to Impact Alaska
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