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Aug 28, 2012
High Speed Imagery of Tropical Storm Isaac

The evolution of Tropical Storm Isaac is captured here in high speed imagery provided by the NOAA GOES-14 satellite.

NOAA operates two geostationary satellites that provide round-the-clock coverage of weather over the western hemisphere. There is also a spare satellite that can take the place of any two operational satellites if a failure should occur. On August 16th, NOAA activated the backup satellite, GOES-14, for routine testing and also turned on the satellite's 1 minute Super Rapid Scan Operations imaging. Usually satellites take images every 30 minutes. GOES-14 is providing 1 minute imagery, which is giving scientist a sense of the type of imagery that GOES-R will provide after its launch in 2015. As amazing as 1 minute imagery appears, GOES-R will have the capability to provide 30 second imagery, which is 60x more frequent than GOES provides routine imagery.

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