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Tropical Storm Otto forms in the Caribbean Sea
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Nov 29, 2012
The 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season in 4.5 Minutes

After 19 named storms (10 hurricanes), the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season has come to a close. This season was a relatively active one – with 7 more storms than the historical average. Though the official season lasts from June 1 – November 30th, 2012 started off early with Alberto and Beryl appearing in May. Later on, Isaac pummeled the Gulf Coast, and in October, Sandy caused destruction throughout the Northeast.

This animation shows all of the GOES East satellite imagery from June 1 – November 28th. In September, NOAA was able to quickly transition GOES East from the GOES-13 to the backup GOES-14 satellite when problems arose with the GOES-13 imager. GOES-13 returned to service in mid-October. Slight shifts in the imagery in this animation can be seen in late September out in the eastern Atlantic, however it is also clear that no service was lost during this transition. During the 2012 Season, NOAA also began ingesting data from the newly launched Suomi-NPP satellite into the operational forecast models, providing more accurate measurements of atmospheric properties to better predict storm intensification and movement.

UPDATE: The high resolution movie version linked below has been updated to include the first two storms, Alberto and Beryl, which occurred in May.

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