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Satellite Captures Image of Lightning Strike
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Jan 30, 2013
Satellite Captures Image of Lightning Strike

As severe weather rolled over the central U.S. during the late night hours of January 29-30, 2013, the Suomi NPP satellite flew over capturing this Day-Night-Band imagery of the storm activity. Because of the near-full moon that night, the Day-Night-Band was able to provide cloud detail normally available only during daylight hours on other satellites. Also visible, where not obstructed by clouds, are the city lights of the region, along with two incredibly bright spots in western Tennessee's sparsely populated Carroll and Henry Counties. These spots are not city lights but lightning flashes that illuminate the clouds. The ability of the VIIRS instrument's Day-Night-Band to detect lightning flashes will be ever more refined by the GOES-R lightning mapper instrument, scheduled to launch in 2015, which will provide lightning flash data every 5 minutes around the clock.

An unlabeled version can be downloaded here.

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