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Highly Detailed Satellite Image of the Gulf Stream
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Apr 16, 2013
Highly Detailed Satellite Image of the Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream Current - the main conveyor of heat from south to north in the Atlantic - swirls surface waters in this infrared image from the Suomi NPP satellite on April 16, 2013, centered around 180 miles due east of Atlantic City, NJ. Though more accurate measurements of sea surface temperatures usually require multiple infrared or microwave bands, this image, using the high resolution SVI05 infrared band (370 meters per pixel), shows the intricate patterns of ocean surface current dynamics. Dark orange colors indicate warmer waters (~30oC); lighter colors are cooler (~10oC); black areas are clouds. The detail of the Gulf Stream is often best seen in the spring and fall when the differences between the warm waters of the offshore currents contrast with the cooler coastal waters and cold water inputs from the higher latitudes. The warmest waters in this image occur along an east-west stretch created as the Gulf Stream bends eastward and moves father offshore towards Europe.

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