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Official Assessment of the Climate in 2012 Released
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Aug 06, 2013
Official Assessment of the Climate in 2012 Released

The 2012 State of the Climate Report, issued by the American Meteorological Society has just been released, detailing dozens of atmospheric, oceanic, and cryospheric (snow and ice) variables across the planet. The website has a feature section on this report, as well.

This image, included in the feature, show the average sea surface height data from 2012. Areas colored blue are higher than normal (base period 1993-2012); areas colored brown are lower than normal. Using data from the Jason-2 satellite and other altimetry missions, this dataset is an integral component of global estimates of sea level rise. On shorter time scales, the sea surface height data is critical for understanding hurricane intensification, along with areas of ocean swell that may impede oceanic shipping.

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