Data Services

Global Data Explorer

NOAA View Explorer provides hundreds of data variables within a single interface, allowing the user to browse, interrogate, and download resources from NOAA's vast archives.

Data Applications

Customized data apps provide a subset of data choices with tailored tools for exploring the data along with tools for export.

Story Maps

See how data can be used to understand our planet and improve our lives.

Geospatial Data Server

Connect to our Esri ArcGIS Server REST services to incorporate NOAA data and maps into your own applications.

Configure your own apps

Interested in the maps and data services provided by NOAA View, but you want a more customized application? Easy. Use the series of templates and APIs available through Esri to...

Build new user interfaces

Customize the menus and arrangement of tools to add more or less complexity to a data application.

Add data tools and map utilities

Select from a wide variety of data tools, or create your own, to allow for a greater exploration of NOAA's data.

Combine data from other sources

Combine the services from NOAA View with other data from NOAA's GeoPlatform, or any other standardized services to build more complex or comprehensive applications.

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Data Applications

Whereas the Global Data Explorer provides access to dozens of datasets, these applications provide a smaller subset of datasets, both global and regional in nature, along with customized tools and utilities to explore and export the data.

Story Maps

Blending NOAA View data with videos, images, and online maps, these Story Maps help to educate and bring context to NOAA's vast data resources.

6 JPSS Maps to Shape Your World

See how the JPSS satellite observes some of the most fundamental parts of the Earth system.

The Arctic's Cold Facts

The Arctic is one of the most climate-sensitive parts of the world. See what NOAA is doing to monitor this remote location.

DSCOVR at One Year

A look back at the first year of DSCOVR’s mission in deep space.

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Updates and features


    Over the next year, the development of NOAA View will result in an improved user interface, along with new features, projections, and data. In addition, more standalone apps and story maps will be developed.


    Over the course of 2015, NOAA View was redeveloped using the Esri ArcGIS Server and Portal architecture, which allows users to streamline the incorporation of data services into their own applications.

  • 2014-2015: A LOT MORE DATA

    Increased the data holdings, including processing real-time true color imagery, Global Forecast System weather models, and many IPCC AR5 climate model variables.


    Modified the user interface into a more simplified, consolidated design with increased features, including image capture, link sharing, and support for the Science On a Sphere.

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